SMS Module Installation and Overview


The SMS is a simple module, which will help you to send SMS from your FrontAccounting(FA), while making transactions from the system. And also you can able to send marketing SMS from FA itself. And also manually you can send overdue notifications to your customers.  Hope this is a very lite weight module now. but the functionality is sold effective to provide you the better control with SMS to your customers. 


This is a simple module and a non-technical knowledge people also can able to install it. Let's follow the steps to install it.
  • Download the Zip from our CRM -> Files 
  • Extract it to your Installed Frontaccounting's modules directory.(May be you need to set file&directory permissions).
  • Goto your FA and login into it. And open Setup->Install and Activate Extensions
  • There you can see the Kvcodes SMS. Just install and active it for your desired company.
We are starting with limited SMS gateway's now. So if you want to make your country level local gateway or international gateway.  we will help you to get it into this SMS gateway. And also we will update our SMS gateway list for future buyers with it. 


On this SMS module, you can able to send automatic SMS to your Customers, while creating order, delivery, invoice and payment.  And also you can have a log to monitor the sent email's from your SMS gateway. And also you can have manually send marketing SMS to your customers by using our SMS module. There is a possiblity of sending overdue SMS to your customers to trace them to get your unpaid invoices before its due date. 


We have this SMS module, which will help you to send SMS to your customers and don't worry if it doesnt have your SMS gateway. Just buy the module and send your Gateway details. We will update and provide you the new module. 

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