We have to process payroll and provide payout to employees. Also we need to keep the accrued company expenses for Every employee. Which will be used at the time of end of service benefit or Annual leave encashment.

You can process payroll as per grade and department. So you can process payroll to a specific department or grade. Even you can process it to a single employee with it. Once you process it for a month. You can process it again. But you can edit the the payslip if the GL entries are not posted for an employee. It's better to avoid consequences if the entires are posted. You can void it and recreate the payslip again. Hope it sounds good for those who looks to delete the payroll for an employee.

The calculations are already created as allowance. So you can simply process the payroll and finish it. The LOP, loan EMI deductions, advance salary are all auto deducted. You can simply cross check the calculation and process the payroll. 

Inquires and Reports 

Also, you can print from any employee Payslip and you can email it to corresponding employee. Bank statements and payroll history, bulk payslips reports are available to export data's during the time of payout.


Payslip is a simple salary slip it will be helpful to process single employee payroll and also display the Payslip in one form. Inorderto create Payslip, you need to select the fiscal year and month of payout and employee name from the list.

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