The Extended HRM is compact module to manage employee records and process Payroll to them. It helps to maintain not only the employee records, also it can keep the details of Gazatted holidays, Employee leaves, absents, Loan & Advance Salaries, End of service benefit, and Increment, etc


Extended HRM extension can allows you to change the employee details anytime and maintain it in real-time. Especially in attendance, It helps to record from ZkTeco Biometric Finger results. API to feed from other system. Reports to monitor daily attendance, and absents, helps to generate report for daily attendance, One click Month full attendance, etc.


You can define the allowances, as per the grade system, which can create. With help of grade, you can group the employee payroll formulas. Usually it requires a group to write common formulas of payroll for employees. This grade section helps to create many grades and with its allowances groups. Also feed the paid leave details.


Payroll can be processed for each and every employee independently and/or together with department and grade level. it will record the details of payslip form components in the database for the payroll history management. This is elaborated version of my other HRM Extensions. You can play around it with facility to configure employee payroll independently, without working with formula.


Loan feature to keep track employee loan and also maximum allowed loan size also meassured here with this feature. Multiple loans to a single employee can be processed simultaneously. And also helps to calculate the employee EMI during the time of loan creation.

Document Management

You can keep employee documents such as passport, visa, certificate copies, family data, etc.


The common settings and options can be created under the maintainance area and which can be used in the entire HRM.


You can make PDF reports to save and email the reports to anyone. Or you can email to the corresponding employee. Also there are some other reports, like you can make one report to send to bank for payouts.


For the FrontAccounting2.3 and above,There are some installation problem with the V2.4.3. But the extension works fine in all aspects within FrontAccounting 2.4.4. I have some extended readme for the 2.4.4 users.

It works inside each company separately and hence supports Multi Company. You can enable and activate it for any of the companies under the same FrontAccounting.

FrontAccounting is more helpfull for the Small and Medium Enterprise(SME). So This is a very good extension to work inside it for the amount of 100-500 employees. If you have good and speedy RAM and Processor for the System(Server). You can use more than 1000 employees in it.

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