The attendance is a core module which helps to record each employee present and absent records and everything. We can record  attendance through the API or with help of attendance entry page. And also you can edit any employee attendance for a month.

We can input each employees in time and out time. Which can be used during the time of payroll process for loss of pay calculation.


Daily attendance report can be used to track the employee absent every day. And also you can take month basis of attendance reports and even you have more filters to narrow down the results.


We can input through few ways.

  • Attendance entry page
  • API 
  • Biometric fingerprint data's 

Attendance Settings

This is a bit tricky settings to track the employee absence and restricts the payout as of their present days and time. This settings may differ to each department. Say for example marketing department and finance departments may have their timings, which we have to provide some extra grace time for IN time. So let's get into the each options, and see how it's used in our attendance system.

  1. Grace Time for Late Coming Punch

Most of the companies they have strict IN time for the employees. And they may adjust a small amount of time for the late comers. Say for example some companies adjust 5 minutes late, some companies adjust 10 minutes. But some companies, they dont adjust IN time. The employee should be IN by the right time.

2. Grace Time for Early Going Punch

This exactly close the previous one. Most of the companies provide 5 min. But very rare. Because, if they allow early punch OUT. Most of the employees move out early.

3. Consider Early Punch IN

Some companies, they don't allow employees work from early and which they don't pay for the early punch IN. Whether the department allows early punch IN or not. For Sales and Finance, mostly, they will allow, because, Import export operations may perform at early morning for less traffic.

4. Consider Late Going Punch

This option allows to work with OT, especially the option helps to track the time after Office Hours,

5. Calculate Half day if work duration is less than

This is like employee comes by late certain time and works for sometime, after that he may leaves the office, say for example, he comes by 9.10 and goes after lunch break like 1.30pm. Considerably, his working hours can’t allow to pay the whole day salary. So it will be paid the half days.

6. Calculate Absent if work duration is less than

If an employee works less than 2 hours, usually the employee has been marked as absent, Because, there is no productivity from his two hours activity.

7. On Partial day Calculation Absent if work duration is less than and On Partial day

Calculation Half day if work duration is less than Both are similar to the above one. There is a small difference in it. These two options am also not understand clearly from client requirement. I feel both of them and above or same. But he feels
something in it. We better not use this two options.

8. Mark Half day if late by

If an employee Punch IN by 30 mins late, he may marked as half day present. Or may be after one hour, if he punch IN, he will be marked as Half day present.

9. Mark Half day if Early going by

Very similar to the late by, When employee leaves office before one hour or two hour, it will be marked as half day in the attendance.

10. Mark Weekly Off and Holiday as Absent, if both Sufix, Prefix is Absent

This is a typical system to avoid salary on weekend. Say for example if the company has leave on Friday and Thursday, Saturday are working days. But when an employee is absent on both before and after the weekend or public holiday, the holiday wont be paid one, its also marked as absent.


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